KE Is Hiring an Associate Engineer

Area of Responsibilities:

  • Attending preventive and corrective maintenance of VHF wireless system.
  • Installing and maintaining VHF wireless systems within the Grids, generating stations, OCRs and AOCs to ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication
  • Formation of Telecom/Wireless teams with coordination of Manager/Assistant Manager for the site work.
  • Familiar with VHF set components, such as antennas, transceivers, and receivers, and able to repair or replace them.
  • Ensure to use calibration/inspected tools.
  • Keep tools and test equipment in proper and operational condition for site work.
  • Keep the grid and generating stations maintenance and technical drawings records updated.
  • Keep watch on general consumable items required for maintenance/service and fault rectification at sites.
  • Ensure availability 24/7 for attending faults.
  • Compliance to corporate governance, maintain office decorum and proper functioning of general office work.
  • Prepare daily progress report of the section.
  • Accountable for performance of timely completion of objectives through PMF.


  • Follow safety rules as per SOP approved by CHSEQ, K-Electric Ltd.
  • Equipped with proper PPE’s and SPEs during the work.
  • Follow departmental SOP and Risk Assessment.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • The incumbent should have at least 2 years of relevant working experience with DAE in Electrical / Telecommunication with 

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