Pak vs Ind: Pakistan ramps up practice efforts ahead of high-voltage game against India

Pak vs Ind: Pakistan ramps up practice efforts ahead of high-voltage game against India

Upon their arrival in Ahmedabad, the Pakistani cricket team dived headfirst into rigorous practice sessions, gearing up for their much-anticipated clash with India scheduled for Saturday.

One standout performer from the Pakistani squad, Mohammad Rizwan, hailed as the Player of the Match after a stellar showing against Sri Lanka in Hyderabad earlier in the week, was evidently putting in the hard yards for the weekend’s game. Rizwan’s spectacular century led Pakistan to achieve the tournament’s highest-ever successful run chase, securing a victory against Sri Lanka by six wickets.

As per reports from Indian media, Rizwan dedicated a whole hour in the nets, honing his skills alongside a left-arm wrist spinner, reminiscent of India’s Kuldeep Yadav. His focus remained unwavering, mindful of his physical condition, as relayed by Indian media.

Mickey Arthur, the director of Pakistan’s men’s cricket team, also reportedly shared the game plan with the players on how to approach the showdown against India.

In the lead-up to the high-voltage match scheduled for October 14 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, the Pakistani team intensified their training, devoting three hours to their evening practice.

The excitement surrounding the match became evident as cricket enthusiasts flocked to hospitals near the venue. This unique surge in patients was attributed to securing affordable accommodation, considering the exponential surge in hotel prices leading up to the event.

The President of the Ahmedabad Medical Association, Tushar Patel, noted instances of individuals combining health check-ups with their plans to witness the India-Pakistan match, opting to stay in hospitals for convenience.