Mohammad Rizwan dedicates win to Gaza’s brothers and sisters

Mohammad Rizwan dedicates win to Gaza's brothers and sisters

Mohammad Rizwan, Pakistan’s resilient wicketkeeper-batter, offered a heartfelt dedication following their triumphant showdown with Sri Lanka in the ICC World Cup match. In a dramatic chase that saw Pakistan secure victory by six wickets, Rizwan’s unbeaten 131, complemented by opener Abdullah Shafique’s stellar 113, left fans in awe. They achieved the formidable feat of chasing down a record target of 345 with ten balls to spare in Hyderabad, India.

Rizwan, with humility and compassion, devoted this remarkable victory to the people of Gaza, who are enduring relentless Israeli airstrikes in response to ongoing tensions with Hamas. He expressed his solidarity by stating, “This was for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Happy to contribute to the win.” In his accolades, Rizwan recognized his team, singling out Abdullah Shafique and Hassan Ali for their pivotal roles in this triumph.

Gratitude also flowed from Rizwan to the Indian fans, as he extended his appreciation, saying, “Extremely grateful to the people of Hyderabad for the amazing hospitality and support throughout.”

In a stark contrast, the ongoing strife in Gaza paints a somber picture. Israel’s complete blockade, initiated in response to a surprise attack by Hamas, has triggered a dire humanitarian crisis. With essentials in short supply and a mounting death toll that has crossed 2,000, the people of Gaza face unimaginable challenges. Israeli military fighter jets have relentlessly targeted Gaza City, while a “complete siege” has disrupted the flow of electricity, food, water, and fuel to the beleaguered enclave.

As the situation in Gaza continues to worsen, the toll on civilian lives and infrastructure is a stark reminder of the ongoing tensions in the region. With heavy hearts, the world watches as the people of Gaza endure the consequences of this conflict, while hopes for a peaceful resolution remain distant.