Pakistan to extend ‘all possible support’ for Afghan earthquake victims: FO

Pakistan to extend 'all possible support' for Afghan earthquake victims: FO

The Foreign Office has pledged unwavering support for the ongoing recovery efforts following the formidable earthquakes that rocked Afghanistan’s western regions a day ago. In an official statement released on Sunday, the FO affirmed its direct engagement with Afghan authorities to assess the immediate needs of those affected by the seismic event.

The statement also emphasized Pakistan’s steadfast solidarity with its Afghan brethren during this challenging period. Expressing profound sadness for the loss of lives and extensive damage incurred during the powerful earthquake, the FO conveyed heartfelt condolences to the affected families and fervently prayed for the swift and full recovery of the injured.

The toll of this catastrophic event has been grievous, with 2,053 individuals losing their lives and 9,240 sustaining injuries, according to a government spokesperson cited by Reuters. The initial death count of 120 is expected to rise as ongoing rescue operations continue in the afflicted areas.

Deputy Government Spokesman Bilal Karimi acknowledged the gravity of the situation, remarking on the substantial casualties. Moreover, the aftermath of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake, centered 30 kilometers northwest of Herat, witnessed the demolition of 1,328 residences due to eight powerful aftershocks, prompting urban residents to seek refuge on the streets.

Mosa Ashari, the head of Herat’s disaster management, reported approximately 120 fatalities and over 1,000 injuries, affecting women, children, and elderly citizens. The National Disaster Authority spokesperson foresees a further escalation in the death toll as the situation unfolds.