PMLN calls off rallies, to prepare for Nawaz Sharif reception

PMLN calls off rallies, to prepare for Nawaz Sharif reception

In Lahore and Islamabad, a political whirlwind has swept through the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN), marking a pivotal shift in their political course. The party, under the guidance of its leadership, has chosen to abandon its previously charted path of public gatherings and rallies within the provincial metropolis.

This change in strategy comes on the heels of a recent public gathering orchestrated by PMLN’s Lahore President, Saif Khokhar, at Thokar. Party insiders intimate that this strategic pivot will center around preparing for the grand homecoming of Nawaz Sharif, an event of significant import scheduled for October 21.

With the blessings of the party’s leadership, the forthcoming meeting scheduled for Gulshan Ravi, set for Wednesday, has been unceremoniously canceled. This cancellation also extends to other gatherings and worker conventions in the domains of leaders like Khawaja Saad Rafiq.

In a new chapter, meetings will find their abode at the party secretariat in Model Town, acting as a gathering place for former members of the national and provincial assemblies, former local representatives, and devoted workers from all corners of the constituencies. These congregations are expected to be chaired by the influential Maryam Nawaz, who will play a pivotal role in the decision-making process.

Saif Khokhar, President of PMLN in Lahore, acknowledges the “resounding success” of the recent PMLN rally at Thokar Niaz Baig. It is underlined that there is now a reduced appetite for smaller rallies in the city, shifting the focus squarely towards the grand Minar-i-Pakistan Jalsa.

A special flight, aptly named “Hope of Pakistan,” has been meticulously arranged for the return of PMLN luminary Nawaz Sharif from Dubai to Pakistan on October 21. The seasoned leader, accompanied by a cohort of PMLN members and journalists, will embark from Dubai, touch down in Islamabad, and eventually proceed to Lahore, where he is slated to address a rally at the iconic Minar-i-Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif’s itinerary includes a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, with scheduled meetings alongside top officials. His sojourn in Dubai is expected around October 17 or 18, encompassing several important meetings.

While Nawaz Sharif’s return garners attention, Maryam Nawaz, Senior Vice-President and Chief Organiser of PMLN, remains actively engaged with officials and workers of union councils across Lahore. The focus of these interactions is primarily centered around proposals for Nawaz Sharif’s resounding reception.

In a separate sphere, PMLN Punjab President Rana Sanaullah presided over a pivotal meeting related to the reception, where he asserted Nawaz Sharif’s leadership qualities to guide the nation out of its current tribulations.

In response to PMLN’s reported shift in strategy, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) expressed gratitude to the people of Punjab for their rejection of what they termed “this group of thugs.” They characterized the move as an attempt to evade accountability and called into question the legitimacy of the PMLN’s actions.

This political landscape is rife with action, as the tides of change and competition continue to shape Pakistan’s political narrative, one rally and one strategic shift at a time.