Security concerns lead to women’s cricket match being stopped in Swat

Security concerns lead to women's cricket match being stopped in Swat

In Swat, a recent cricket match featuring women’s teams from Kanju and Gulkada faced an unexpected halt last Sunday. This interruption arose due to security concerns and opposition from the local community, who deemed women’s sports activities as conflicting with local traditions and customs.

Tehsil Nazim Ehsanullah, while suggesting that women could engage in cricket within enclosed spaces, emphatically assured that the decision to halt the match did not signify opposition to women’s involvement in sports. Instead, it was a precautionary measure to ensure everyone’s safety.

Security officials expressed apprehensions and insisted on rescheduling the match to guarantee the well-being of players, officials, and all concerned parties. The match’s organizer faced criticism for not informing the relevant authorities about this women’s cricket event, as stated by Assistant Commissioner (AC) Mohammad Yar.

Following discussions, the organizer consented to reschedule the women’s cricket match, taking security issues into account, per Assistant Commissioner Charbagh. Furthermore, the deputy commissioner affirmed that future women’s matches would be organized with improved measures.

Madrassa Administrator Mufti Rafiullah cited the presence of armed groups in the area and threats to the police as reasons for the decision to halt women’s cricket matches. Mufti Rafiullah clarified that this decision aimed to prevent potential law and order issues. He added his support for women’s full rights and emphasized that women could participate in sports within the boundaries of Islamic law, provided they adhere to its guidelines.