World Cup 2023: Pakistan regrets registration of case against Zainab Abbas

World Cup 2023: Pakistan regrets registration of case against Zainab Abbas

In Islamabad, Pakistan, on a Thursday, a sense of regret loomed over the registration of a case against Zainab Abbas, the ICC World Cup presenter in India. The Narendra Modi government faced denunciation for what Pakistan deemed an “unnecessary” controversy.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, in a weekly press briefing, expressed, “The case against Zainab Abbas due to her supposedly unnecessary tweets is far from appropriate. Zainab is unjustly drawn into this matter.”

Baloch emphasized India’s responsibility as the host of the mega event, urging them to provide security for the participants and create a favorable environment for the Pakistani cricket team.

Zainab Abbas, the World Cup 2023 presenter, departed from India earlier this week, following a complaint filed by an Indian lawyer alleging “anti-Hindu” statements. There were claims of deportation, but the International Cricket Council (ICC) spokesperson clarified that her departure was due to personal reasons, dismissing deportation reports.

An Indian lawyer approached the police to register a complaint against Abbas for statements perceived as against India and Hinduism. She had been announced as a presenter for this year’s World Cup.

Meanwhile, Pakistan pressed for the issuance of visas to journalists and fans who wished to attend the World Cup. The Indian embassy initiated visa processing, though it’s reported that visas are yet to be received. This delay has caused dismay, given that the mega cricket event commenced on October 5. According to ICC law, the host country must issue visas to fans and journalists, but India’s response to Pakistan’s appeals has been indifferent.